Since 2006, Experience: Harlem continues to be the insider’s guide to UPTOWN’S best shopping, dining, arts, culture, deals, events and more.


Our audience is multi-cultural, urban professionals who thrive on discovering different experiences and they are the first to tell their friends – they are influencers.

• 65% are women
• 77% are single
• 72% are between 25-54
• 81% have obtained a college degree
• 35% have children
• 34% own their homes
• 73% earn $50K or more
• 79% dine out 2 or more times per week

Source: Experience: Harlem Survey 2016

Experience: Harlem is a valued resource –

• “Thank you for this wonderful resource. I share it with others to keep it know to all.”
• “It’s a great guide to navigate around Harlem. I always know what’s happening!”
• “Great way to check out the restaurants and get an overall feel for the atmosphere and service.”
• “Love it. Thank you for all you do!”
• “Thank you for providing the opportunity for people to ‘experience harlem.’”


Essential Guide to Shopping, Dining, Arts & Culture – Whether you want to catch the Classical Theater of Harlem’s latest production or dine in Washington Height’s hot new restaurants, this annual full-color premium guide is the bible for what’s hot uptown. Consumers will refer to this invaluable resource over and over again.

10,000 guides will be distributed in news racks, targeted residential buildings,restaurants, galleries, salons, retail stores, real estate offices and tourism kiosks. Free event marketing is included for all advertisers. We participate in several key summer uptown events and will distribute up to 500 palm cards, calendars or other promotional materials complimentary for our clients.

Print: Full page: 4” x 9” with 1/8” bleed; Half page: 4″x4.5″

Artwork should be submitted at 300 dpi PDF. We reserve the right to decline any artwork we feel will not reproduce properly, such as sketches, bad fax copies, clippings or low resolution artwork.

Back cover: $3,000
Inside front cover: $2,500
Inside back cover/Page 1: $2,000
Full page: $1,200
Half page: $700

Artwork design: $250
Reservations/artwork/payments due: April 16, 2018
In market: May 2018

DIGITAL and websites & newsletter – Featuring links to more information, maps and social media integration, deals and more, and do what no printed map can. Our newsletter offers what’s unique and undiscovered. Driving consumers to our websites as well as yours to learn more and to download offers. Our opt-in email list reaches over 7,000 subscribers and we leverage our social media channels to amplify your message.  Our social media channels deliver an additional 1.5M+ impressions.

Leaderboard banner: 728×90 pixels JPG
Medium banner: 300×250 pixels JPG
Dedicated email/Home page feature: 624×348 pixels JPG

Dedicated Emails are $300 per email includes home page feature and social media touts.



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