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Riley/Land [A Gourmet Pantry]

Riley/Land [A Gourmet Pantry]
404 Lenox Ave
New York, NY 10037
347 871 3663

Riley/Land is a meticulously curated collection of staples and sundries for the seasoned palate. With a mix of classic favorites and innovative newcomers, food aficionado Joseph Riley Land is putting together the perfect pantry. Coming from a long line of great home cooks, Land learned the art of combining flavors and textures at an early age. He also learned an appreciation of the finest ingredients and developed an impeccable palate that could distinguish the best from the merely good. Currently Riley/Land operates as a pop up store in Harlem inside Astor Row Café (404 Lenox Ave) and run as an e-commerce site (www.riley-land.com).

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