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Rai Rai Ken

Rai Rai Ken
1467 Amsterdam Avenue

Rai Rai Ken is one of the first ramen shops in New York City, inspired by the roadside ramen shop and masterful noodle-making in the 1985 film “Tampopo.” We focus on Tokyo-style shitamachi ramen, with flavors that take you down the alleys and streets of old school downtown Tokyo. We strive to make ramen that you can eat everyday; light and clean broth, MSG-free ingredients made from scratch, and noodle dough that complements each savory slurp.

Our first location in 2000 was where Hi Collar now resides, since then we’ve moved to 218 East 10th St and opened another shop in Harlem for ramen lovers uptown.

Just like how one judges a good ice cream shop from their Vanilla scoop, you could judge a good ramen shop from their Shoyu & Shio ramen. Rai Rai Ken began with Shoyu (soy sauce broth) and Shio (sea salt broth) ramen. These two types of ramen are some of the hardest to perfect, because they are ramen in its purest form. While most ramen broths add lots of extra elements to make it taste good, Shoyu and Shio have the least ingredients in their broth, the bold flavor speaks for itself. We continue to proudly serve Shoyu & Shio today as an example of our attention to details and love of simple ramen.

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