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90 Fifth Avenue, 3rd Floor

Real Estate Veteran Vie Wilson doesn’t hesitate to commit 100 percent to her customers but she asks in return that they do the same. This highly focused and dedicated professional is not afraid to call it as she sees it. Vie means business for those who take her seriously, and judging from her highly impressive track record, that approach is on the money.

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126 E. 56th St., Suite 1510
New York, NY 10022

Real Estate Refined – Senior Wealth Strategist born, raised and educated in Paris, Philippe has lived and worked in New York City for the past 16 years. Philippe loves the energy and intensity of “The Most Diverse Place On Earth”. He offera extensive Manhattan, Harlem and Brooklyn expertise, which affords him the ability to successfully handle all investments, sales, property management and luxury rental transactions for a discerning local and foreign clientele in all of NYC.

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